Estetik ve Protetik Diş Tedavileri

Aesthetic and Prosthetic Dental Treatments

Aesthetic and Prosthetic Dental Treatments

1- Laminate Veneer / Lamina Application
2- Zirconium porcelain
3- Empress / Full porcelain
4- Inlay – Onlay / Porcelain Filling
5- Pink Aesthetics
6- Aesthetic Fillings
7- It is a multidisciplinary approach that includes teeth whitening topics.

Laughing is the facial expression of happiness. Laughing with healthy, white teeth is unique. Aesthetic smile depends on many factors. Teeth should be white, healthy, symmetrical and properly aligned, gingival visibility should be in harmony with the lips, gums should be healthy.

If all these factors are combined, our smile looks “aesthetic” to the people in front of us.

Along with the developing technology, aesthetic concerns and losses are evaluated as a whole and plans are made.

1- First of all, the problem is determined.

2- The reasons that cause the aesthetic problem are determined and a treatment plan is made for this.

3- Oral photographs are obtained from the patient.

4- Measurements are taken from the lower-upper jaw and models are obtained.

5- Smile design is made on the models.

6- The smile design can be transferred to the patient’s teeth without any operation.

7- After the design is transferred to the mouth, it can be talked about and comments can be made.

8- The issues that the patient is satisfied with or want to be changed are determined.

Aesthetic dentistry includes many titles for the problem;

Laminate/Laminate Veneer

It is a type of leaf porcelain that is applied to the front surface of the tooth by removing very little tooth tissue. As it cannot be applied in every case, it gives excellent results when used in the right cases.

Zirconium Porcelain

It is created by processing porcelain on a white zirconium substructure, which is different from traditional metal substructure porcelains. In addition to obtaining an aesthetic appearance, it also has the advantage of being durable in the posterior teeth.

Empress/Full porcelain

They are completely porcelain veneers without metal infrastructure. It gives very aesthetic results.

Inlay-Onley /Porcelain filling

In cases where the loss of substance is high, it is prepared in the laboratory by measuring the tooth for the teeth that require filling strength. It is then adhered to the tooth with special adhesives.

Pink Aesthetics

Healthy gums should be pale pink in color, non-bleeding, and properly shaped. In the presence of gum problems, the teeth and therefore our smile will look asymmetrical and unhealthy.

Teeth and gums are a whole. It is considered as a whole.

The first stage of aesthetic applications begins with obtaining healthy gums.

The first step is the cleaning of the existing dental stones, that is, the detertrage process. After the tartar and stains are removed, polishing is done. In other words, the tooth surfaces are made smooth and polished.
Interviews are held with our patient about oral hygiene motivation. Correct brushing and flossing techniques are discussed.
If there are asymmetries in the gingiva, corrections are made with small touches under local anesthesia.
The next stage, that is, the dental aesthetic stage, should not be passed until the gum problems are resolved!
Aesthetic Fillers

In today’s technology, it is possible to achieve excellent results with small touches, and we can make aesthetic fillings that are exactly compatible with your tooth color with special filling materials for the anterior region.

Teeth may lose substance as a result of trauma, cavities, or there may be “natural gaps” between the teeth, which we call diastema. In these cases, aesthetic fillings come to our rescue. With applications in one session, you can have more beautiful smiles.

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