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Teeth whitening

First of all, we would like to point out that having white teeth goes through healthy gums. Teeth whitening procedures are varied and applied individually. You can consult our physicians for the most suitable whitening method for you.

The factors that cause discoloration of teeth are as follows;

Tea, coffee, cigarettes
some diseases
Developmental disorders in teeth
trauma to teeth

The discoloration on the outer parts of the teeth can be removed by calculus cleaning. Thus, the teeth regain their natural color. With the teeth whitening process, the natural color of the teeth can be lightened a few tones. There are two methods to achieve this.

1) Whitening in the clinical setting

It can be done in 1 or 2 sessions in a clinical setting with special gels and laser devices.

2) Whitening at home

It is applied to the plates specially prepared for you with the gels we will give you. The gel applied for an average of 4-6 hours a day; It bleaches teeth gradually and slowly with 1-2 weeks of application. This technique can also be preferred in cases where the tooth color is very yellow to enhance clinical whitening.

3) Single tooth Whitening

It is the procedure in which we whiten the inside of the tooth. In some cases, discoloration occurs in traumatized or canal treatment teeth. This discoloration can sometimes be mild or severely affect the aesthetics. Your teeth can be bleached with gels applied in one or two sessions.

Is the Teeth Whitening Process safe?

The whitening process is safe when it is done under the control of your physician. However, there is an important point we would like to point out. Natural teeth whiten up to a certain level. The bleaching process cannot be applied repeatedly. Even if applied, results cannot be obtained. The whitening process is not applied to every person. For example, it is not safe to apply in mouths with deep caries.

Please consult your physician for detailed information.

I want to have fillings in my teeth, is it right to have whitening afterwards?

If you want to have a whitening procedure, first of all, your deep bruises are treated. Your whitening process is done before you move on to your permanent fillings. Then, 7-10 days are expected and planning is made for your permanent fillings. Since the filling material will not whiten, the fillings made before bleaching will be aesthetically incompatible after bleaching.

Is there any sensitivity after the whitening process?

Your teeth become sensitive to cold-hot stimuli after the whitening process. This sensitivity is completely temporary. You can eliminate sensitivity by consuming foods at room temperature for the first 48 hours after whitening and by doing your oral and dental care very well.

Will the color of my teeth return to their original color after teeth whitening?

This situation varies according to smoking or tea/coffee habit. If your teeth are not exposed to colorants, the whitening process will be permanent for many years.

Which toothpaste should I choose after teeth whitening?

To enhance the whiteness of your teeth, you can choose a paste with whitening properties.

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