Botoxs Applications

Botoxs Applications 

We aim to reduce the activity of these muscles by leaving the solution we call ‘botolinumtoxin’ into the muscles we want to restrict or control. The most common reason for application in dentistry is teeth clenching / grinding or gum smile (too visible gums) due to the smile line being too high. There are very strong muscles that cause clenching. These muscles get stronger over time.


Involuntary or involuntary clenching with strengthened muscles becomes more and more uncomfortable. With Botox application, the strength of these muscles can be controlled. Botox into the masseter muscle and temporal muscle reduces the strength of the two muscles that serve to close and keep the mouth closed. Mimic muscles in certain areas of our face help to move the lips. In some people, the upper lip rises a lot during smiling and causes the gums to appear too much. With the botox application made to the muscle that moves the upper lip, your smile can look more aesthetic.


Is botoxs applications harmful?

Definitely not when done by trained people. Dentists are well-versed in the anatomy of the maxillofacial region. Botox, which is applied at appropriate doses and at appropriate intervals, helps your treatment and completes your smile.

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