Oral and Dental Health Care

Oral and Dental Health and Treatments

Oral and Dental Health and Treatments

Dental care is essential for healthy teeth and gums. As well as the care at home, the care that the person will have during regular dentist visits is also very important.

How Often Should I Have Maintenance?

The frequency of periodic controls for oral and dental health varies from person to person. While routine controls are performed every six months, oral and dental health care and controls should be performed every three months in prosthesis and implant applications that require sensitive care, in cases of genetic gum disease predisposition and during pregnancy.

Home care

Brushing teeth twice a day, every 12 hours, with a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste; Then, to clean the interfaces of the teeth with the right techniques and methods. We recommend the use of dental floss or interface brushes for interface cleaning.

Clinical Care

With the method that your dentist will choose for you, the harmful tartars for the gums are cleaned, the tooth surfaces are smoothed, the necessary recommendations and methods for oral care are explained after the treatment. The next care date is determined and your appointment is made.

My teeth are very yellow, what should I do?

First of all, we find the reason and give personalized advice. You can contact us for personalized whitening techniques. Click to contact us.

Do you have any special advice for smokers?

First of all, we recommend you to quit smoking. Apart from all these, we can recommend a whitening toothpaste and a medium hard toothbrush for smokers. Periodic maintenance should be decided according to the intensity of smoking.

My gums are bleeding no matter what I do, is it normal?

Healthy gums never bleed. You may have gum disease. Contact us for treatment. Click to contact us.

For detailed information, see the gingival treatments section.

Is it safe to take care of gums during pregnancy?

We divide the pregnancy into 3 parts and call it the 1st 2nd 3rd Trimester. You should have oral and dental health care in all three trimesters. The care you will make is of great importance in protecting your teeth and gum health during pregnancy.

How should oral care in children be?

There are special tooth brushing techniques and brush/paste for children. Cleaning of teeth should be done with care from infancy. Dental care should be under the control of parents until the age when children are self-sufficient. You can find detailed information in the pediatric dentistry section.

What are the situations that require special care?

Special care may be required in all kinds of diseases that impair our general health, in the chemotherapy/radiotherapy process, in pregnancy, in the presence of physical disability.

If I clean between the teeth, I got information that the gaps will open. Is it correct ?

No, it’s absolutely false information. In fact, if the interface is not cleaned daily, the spaces between the teeth are opened, that is, your gums are pulled. Cleaning between the teeth, between the prosthesis and under them is essential in daily care. If the cleaning between the teeth is not done regularly, these areas are filled with calculus and the accumulation of calculus leads to gingival recession. The best way to stop the withdrawal is to complete your daily maintenance.

Which toothpaste and brush should I use?

It is one of the most asked questions. The paste and brush to be chosen must be directed towards the problem. If you have healthy teeth and gums, choose soft brushes and toothpastes sold in pharmacies. If you have problems with your gums, consult us. Avoid the use of products that are not approved by the Ministry of Health. Toothpastes, which have been sold as ‘organic products’ in recent years, do not have protective properties. Always use fluoride toothpaste in your daily care.

Should I use mouthwash in daily care?

If your doctor has not given you specific advice, mouthwash is not necessary. Mouthwashes refresh the mouth after the consumption of smelly foods and take the odor of the mouth.

Does calculus removal damage the teeth?

It certainly won’t hurt. The biggest purpose in teeth cleaning is to protect the health of teeth and gums. Teeth cleaning is done with devices that do not harm the teeth.

Will there be sensitivity after tartar cleaning?

Depending on the density of the tartar, there may be sensitivity after cleaning. This sensitivity is completely temporary. It will go away if tooth brushing and interface cleaning is done with the right technique. We can support people with high sensitivity with the applications made in our clinic to reduce the sensitivity. Please consult your physician for information. Click to contact us.